About usWHO WE ARE

We’re brewing Classic and Traditional Beers, but always with a Twist.



Our inspiration comes from regular encounters and gatherings, thus indeed our beers taste like real life and have stories to tell.

The story of DE BRASSERIJ is the story of Thomas Lebreton, French man who used to live in different countries, having grown up among the stories, flavours and customs of the world.

Today living in Amsterdam, he naturally lays the foundations of his brand as a bridge between cultures.

After almost 10 years of exciting home brewing, visiting breweries and rich encounters with passionate beer drinkers, Thomas decided to convert his passion into De Brasserij project with the first aim to create and develop honest, innovative and state of the art products.

The experience of exchanging with people around him throughout his life, in all four corners of the world, defines the concept of De Brasserij : it’s not only about designing and producing beer but also creating unique products through collaborations with other craft talents in any field.

The name of the brand is a cultural brewing :

a Brasserie in French means first a brouwerij (brewery) and secondly a typical French restaurant.

De and J are Dutch elements : La brasserie becomes De Brasserij

De Brasserij brews classic & traditional beers, but always with a twist. Our inspiration come from regular encounters & gatherings : our beers taste like real life.