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American Pale Ale


Chestnut Ale


Rye Pale Ale

OH LA LA (Bitter Edition)

Rye India Pale Ale

American Pale AleCABARET

Broadway in not a straight line! Likewise, an American Pale Ale is blond, tasty & generous, but with a certain touch of bitterness to remind that life is not always a wide & quiet river… Rather a glass of fresh bubbles to drink in the heat of the underground & burlesque cabaret of life!

Wether you make the show on stage (plucky you) or take great delight of checking the other out (naughty you), make the best of it, and keep hop(e)!

IBU: 33 – EBC: 12 – ABV: 5,6% – SERVE: 8-10°C

Malts : Pale, Vienna, Wheat, Cristal 50EBC

Hops : Bravo, Cascade, Mosaic, Citra

Yeast : American Ale Strain


Chestnut AleCASTAGNE

If CASTAGNE sounds in Dutch like KASTANJE, in old French ”chercher la castagne” means to seek for a fight… It may be because, still in old French jargon: ”un marron” (a chestnut), or even ”une châtaigne” (a ”sweet” chestnut), illustrates the sumptuousness to say ”en un mot comme en cent” (in a nutshell): a punch in the face !

Fortunately, this sweet chestnut flavored ale will only let the mark of a lasting impression of sweetness, contentment & love! Santé!

IBU: 16 – EBC: 15 – ABV: 6,5% – SERVE: 8-12°C

Malts : Pilsner, Vienna

Hops : Tradition

Yeast : American Ale Strain

Other ingredient: Natural Chestnut, Natural Chestnut Extract

Rye Pale AleOH LA LA

After 5 centuries of disappearance, this ancient style of Roggenbier rise again, with a little twist, thanks to a new brewer generation. Henceforth, De Brasserij Rye Pale Ale tastes, as the French would say, like ”a certain je ne sais quoi”… imperceptible but so pleasurable! Enjoy the subtle shades of tropical fruit to figure out the secret of this sensual formula.

IBU: 19 – EBC: 10 – ABV: 5,9% – SERVE: 6-8°C

Malts : Pale, Rye

Hops : Cascade, Citra

Yeast : American Ale Strain


Rye India Pale AleOH LA LA

Bitter Edition

De Brasserij Rye IPA tastes also like a certain ”je ne sais quoi”, imperceptible but so pleasurable! Enjoy this bitter version of Oh La La, to figure out its hoppy secret formula.

IBU: 60 – EBC: 10 – ABV: 5,9% – SERVE: 6-8°C

Malts : Pale, Rye

Hops : Cascade, Citra

Yeast : American Ale Strain